Top 9 Health Benefits Of Sweet Flag Or Gorbach

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Top 9 Health Benefits Of Sweet Flag Or Gorbach
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Sweet Flag or Calamus is creeping rhizome. The plant has bright green leaves, light brown flower and oblong berries as fruit. The root of this plant is primarily used as medicine. It is primarily used in ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems, gastritis or gas problem (flatulence), indigestion, skin problems, joint pains, rheumatoid arthritis and even stroke. Due to its calming properties it enhances the sense of well being.


This herb if taken in small quantities could loosen the phlegm and help getting rid of it. This works as mild expectorant. Add powdered form of bach in boiling water and inhale the vapors for fast relief. Alternatively mix powdered calamus in honey and lick 1-1.5 tsp 2 times a day


It is very beneficial not only in cold but in whooping cough too primarily for children. Roast bach and then make a powder out of it. Take a pinch of this powder and mix it with honey. Give it to children suffering from cough and he would get relief after 2-3 doses. If the problem persists then see a doctor

Mouth Ulcer:

One could get relief from mouth ulcers by rubbing the roots inside the mouth

Speech Problems:

Mix powdered root of the plant in honey and apply it on tongue. This is also beneficial in speech disorders which might have occurred due to paralysis or facial palsy


Dust the wounds with powder from the root of the plant and it would help healing of the wounds fast

Swelling: Make a paste by mixing root of sweet flag and mustard oil. Apply it gently on the swelling and it would be helpful in curing the problem

Stomach Pain:

Mix calamus paste, nutmeg and harad. Take 1/2 tsp of this paste to cure digestion problems and it also acts as antispasmodic. In case a person is suffering from dysneborrhoea, this paste could help to get rid of pain and enhances the blood flow


This herb also has deworming properties. Take a pinch of its powder and mix it with honey. Give this paste to children once in a month and it would kill worms


Root of this plant contains tannins and essential oils. Due to this content it helps in getting rid of diarrhoea and stomach pain. Take the root paste with butter milk


Apply paste of the root on the inflammation and it would heal fast. Add honey and clarified butter or ghee to increase its effectiveness