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Each of us is comprised of a physical body and an energetic body. We are physical which is how we live our lives in the physical world and the fuel for this is our energy! For thousands of years man has been aware of the energy centers in the body which have come to be known in our modernity as Chakras. One does not need to have a set of beliefs or a dogma found in religions or other forms of spiritual practices in order to work with the Chakra System. We are physical and we are energy. What has proven to be useful, helpful, and healing is balancing, clearing and elevating the chakra system through meditation, chakra balancing work, breath work, and yoga. All of these modalities are worthy.

Benefits of clearing and balancing chakras

-Increased awareness and openness to Intuitive & Spiritual Information

-Faster & greater ability to heal Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Issues

-Increased Passion for Life

-Experience the Power of living Present in the Now

-Become comfortable acing uncertainty by tapping into the stability of your Self

-Enjoy healthy and loving relationships

-Greater pleasure and enjoyment in life

-Realization of your self worth

-Make clearer choices that reflect who You are

-Self confidence to accept and express yourself

-Access inspiration to turn dreams into reality

-Awareness and dedication to your Highest life path

-Increase the health and strength of your immune system

-Recognition and increase intuition

-Experience the power of being grounded in physical and your Spiritual Higher Self simultaneously

This Meetup offers individual chakra healing sessions:

1. Chakra Clearing & Balancing

2. Chakra Clearing, Balancing, & Healing

3. Shamanic Illumination Chakra Clearing & Revitalization

You will find stress reduction and inner calm as outcomes for this work; to name only a few of the benefits!

Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Healing Services Available to you!

1. Chakra Clearing & Balancing

In this session energy clearing unfolds through the application and toning of crystal bowl sound healing, tuning forks, breath work and guided meditation. A deeply restorative and relaxing experience. $40.00 (1 hour session)

2. Chakra Clearing & Healing

In this energy balancing session guided meditation, breath work, inner vision, energetic clearing and restoration your energy will flow and balance and ground; connecting you with the Divine and your higher wisdom for healing. Receive insights, balancing and guidance in this session. $80.00 (2 hour session)

3. Shamanic Illumination Chakra Clearing & Revitalization