About Serum Copper Lab Test

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Copper (Cu) is an essential trace micronutrient which exists in two different redox states- oxidized (Cu-) and reduced (Cu+) form. It is required for the activity of enzymes to carry out fundamental biological functions like iron metabolism, connective tissue formation, energy production, etc. Its production depends on the availability of dietary minerals and is absorbed in intestines and transported to liver where it gets stored. Ceruloplasmin is proteins that carry out transportation of copper. Only a small amount of free copper (unbound to protein) is found in blood.

Although copper is required in trace amounts, it’s imbalance can directly or indirectly lead to many disorders. This test measures the amount of copper present in your blood to diagnose various conditions and sometimes copper deficiency or toxicity. Its elevated level can lead to excess deposition of copper in various organs including liver and brain.

High serum copper level may indicate:-

♦ Rheumatoid arthritis

♦ Primary biliary cirrhosis

♦ Infections

♦ Prolonged use of certain medications

♦ Certain Cancers

Low serum copper level may indicate:-

♦ Malnutrition

♦ Malabsorption

♦ Wilson disease

♦Nephrotic syndrome

♦ Menkes disease