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  • S R Kalla Memorial Gastro & General Hospital

  • 78-79, Dhuleshwar Garden ,Jaipur ,Rajasthan, India

  • 150

  • 30


  • Dental Check-ups
  • General Dental Checkup
  • Gastric Problem
  • Neurological Problems
  • Gastritis Treatment
  • Laparoscopic Surgery (Obs Gyn)
  • Gynae Problems Treatment
  • Obstetrics Problems
  • Gynecology Laparoscopy
  • Laparoscopic Surgery


  • Pathologist
  • RadioLogist
  • Nephrologist
  • Neurologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Urologist
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • General and Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Gastroenterology


  • Fever
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Dental/Oral care
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation

Insurance Company

  • Bajaj
  • Allianz
  • General
  • Insurance
  • |Bharti
  • AXA
  • General
  • Insurance


The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital And Sports Injury Centre
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Doctors in The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital And Sports Injury Centre

Dr. Rahul Katta

MBBS| MD (Ortho)| Postgraduate Course, Rheumatology
Specialize in
Providing solutions for Conditions
Back pain, Foot Pain, Hip pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis
    I have 26 years experience
Consultation Fee

Dr. Komal Kalla

MBBS| MD (Pathology) | MNAMS
Specialize in
Providing solutions for Conditions
Blood in urine, Albumin Blood LabTest, Allergy Blood LabTest, Bilirubin Blood LabTest, Bilirubin in Urine, Blood Glucose LabTest, Calcium Blood LabTest, Calcium in Urine LabTest, Chloride Blood LabTest, Complete Blood Count, MPV Blood LabTest, Potassium Blood LabTest, Sodium Blood LabTest, Urobilinogen in Urine, BLOOD GROUPING & TYPING LabTest, URINE CREATININE LabTest, URINE- ROUTINE LabTest, URINE-ALBUMIN LabTest, URINE-GLUCOSE LabTest
    I have 26 years experience
Consultation Fee
₹ 250.00

Dr. Pankaj Shrimal

MBBS| (MD) Medicine| DNB - Gastroenterology
Specialize in
Providing solutions for Conditions
Gas, Gastritis, Gastroenteritis
    I have 29 years experience
Consultation Fee
₹ 300.00
  • About Us
  • We are committed to provide total patient satisfaction by ensuring quality health care services at affordable cost with continuous improvement in Technology and timely delivery of services. We also aim for bringing quality health services within everyone’s reach.

    SR Kalla Memorial Hospital In Brief

    About us

    SR Kalla Memorial Hospital is the NABH accredited 150 bedded Multi Super specialty General Hospital located in the heart of Pink city in vicinity of Railway Station, Rajasthan Roadways Central Bus Stand and approx. 10 km from International/ Domestic Airport.

    SR Kalla Memorial Hospital was established in 2002 as First Super Specialty Gastro and General Hospital in the state of Rajasthan and has been updating specialties, facilities and equipment, and other infrastructure since then.


    SR Kalla Memorial Hospital serves all major specialties and the "State of the Art" equipments and support facilities. Major specialties available are :-

    About us

    ·        Gastroenterology

    ·        GI Surgery

    ·        Laparoscopic Surgery

    ·        Urology

    ·        Pathology

    ·        Radio Diagnosis/ Radiology

    ·        Gynaecology

    ·        Psychiatry

    ·        Nephrology

    ·        Neurology

    ·        Neuro- Surgery

    ·        Dentistry

    ·        Emergency Services

          Advanced Facilities :

         SR Kalla Memorial in Jaipur | Hospital

    •        Video Endoscopy System

    •        Pediatric Endoscopy System

    •        Capsule Endoscopy System

    •        Endoscopic Ultrasound System(EUS)

    •        Dedicated Liver ICU

    •        Advanced Operation Theatres well equipped with C-Arm, Harmonic scalpel

    •        Karl Storez Laparoscopy set etc.

    •        Ultra Cardiac Cath Lab (Siemens - Artis Zee plus flat panel)

    •        24 hrs Advanced Automated & Computerized Path Lab

    •        24 hrs Spiral CT Scan, Haemo Peritoneal Dialysis

    •        Interventional Radiography

    •        Minimal Invasive Surgery Dept.

    •        Histopathology with Picture Reporting

    •        Round the clock Emergency Services


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