Obesity, a grave health issue all around the world

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Obesity or being overweight is a common sight nowadays. This abnormal or excessive fat accumulation over varied parts of a body is generally thought by people as a normal health status or just a way of being looked. But, no, it is a serious issue, an epidemic disease. In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were found overweight and 650 million were counted under the category of obese all around the world. By 2025, the children under this category, in India will reach over 17 million. Alarming! The health problems which usually obese people are prone to:

Heart strokes

High Blood Pressure

Fatty liver disease

Kidney disease

Types of cancers

Type 2 diabetes


Sleep apnea

High Blood Sugar

And issues during pregnancy.

The prominent causes contributing to obesity are:

An inadequate balance between consuming and burning the calories: This reason significantly made people obese or overweight. People love to eat all junk and high-calorie food but forget to burn it out. They feel too lazy to take out time for some physical exercise from their sedentary lifestyles, as a result, the misbalance occurs between consuming and burning calories and people get prone to various diseases.

Hyper-palatable junk food: In this hustle bustle of today’s lives, people have started preferring ready to eat food, the food which you pick from the freezer, microwave for two minutes and gulp it quickly. But do you know that these foods are highly processed, engineered or chemically treated to give an incredibly good taste and long shelf life.  Eating such kind of junk food is indeed quick and easy but it adds a lot to your calories.

Genetics: Besides the eating and lifestyle reasons, genetics too play a role in obesity. Children of obese parents are more likely to become obese than children of lean parents. Research has shown that certain genetic factors cause the changes in appetite and fat metabolism that leads to obesity. Although, this need not hold true in each case. People who have found to follow active lifestyle are all healthy and lean even after being born as a child of fat parents.

Medications: Pharmaceutical drugs or medicines have become a vital part of lifestyles now. People are commonly popping up pills for depression, allergies, blood sugar and many more, thinking that they are reliving them. But in reality, these drugs alter the function of body and brain, selectively store fat and gradually make you a gigantic creature.

Actually, if you look closely, I feel that people all over the world are misinformed about health and nutrition aspects. They are leading their lives in the same old ways with the same limited information. But with us, you can stay fit and healthy with all correct information and the right person to guide thereupon. We offer Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Allopathic and other natural solutions like yoga, exercise regime, massage and etc to fight obesity