spa and massage (Spa & Massage)

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  • We are in the forefront to provide great Body Massages in Jaipur.
  • Special arrangements to offer special spa and salon treatments in separate rooms.
  • A couple-room and a steam room to deliver a great and soothing experience.
  • We provide a range of services, massages, facials and nail treatments, to the admirers in the Pink City.
  • There are trendy features and soothing facilities to offer a great, top notch, rejuvenating experience.
  • Facilities include two single rooms, two spa and salon chairs, one couple room, one steam room, shampoo station, mani-pedi station, and sauna.
  • We have a touch of class and also feature the services of the professional therapists, who create ideal and refreshing surroundings for their special treatment.
  • We have a rich ambiance and a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for wellness. We are a premier pampering place for our customers.