Know everything about anulom vilom pranayam and its benefits

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One of the traditional practices of pranayam, anulom vilom is exercised for relaxation and strengthening of mind, along with preparing body for meditation. The yoga practice has been a modern fad with acknowledged spiritual leaders underlining the importance and innumerable benefits of anulom vilom pranayam. Moreover, the yoga form is quite convenient to be exercised, irrespective of time.

An incredible source of energy, anulom vilom pranayam works effectively to relieve stress as well as anxiety. Another aspect favouring pranayam form is time, as even a span of 10 minutes is quite comfortable for the activity. Exercising it for mere 10 minutes will provide you with immense energy to perform all the daily tasks with concentration and focus. However, spiritual gurus agree to the fact that practicing anulom vilom pranayam early in the morning, during sunrise is more effective than usual.

Practicing anulom vilom pranayam

The foremost reason of practising any pranayam forms is to revitalise life force, known as prana, within the body for physical and spiritual reasons. The anulom vilom pranayam reinforces the concept of expanding vitality through breath. In order to begin with this yoga form, get into a lotus position or a comfortable seated pose. Padmasana mudra is however recommended by yoga gurus, wherein the toe of the left leg is placed on the right thigh and heel is placed on the groin of left leg.

Instructions for anulom vilom pranayam

Initiate with breathing through left nostril, keeping the other nostril shut with the thumb. You must ascertain that lungs are entirely filled with air so that airway becomes completely saturated with oxygen.

Follow this with holding breath for 3 seconds with both nostrils closed.

Thereafter, lose hold of right nostril and breathe in & out.

Again, hold breath for 3 seconds with nostrils closed.

Follow this with breathing in and out for completion of one round of anulom vilom pranayam.

Repeat the procedure for the least of 10 minutes.

Benefits of anulom vilom pranayam

Pranayamic breathing brings biological change with the increase of adrenaline produced through. Several researches have confirmed that exercising this pranayam enables overweight individuals to streamline metabolism functions. It energises mind as well as body by raising oxygen supply within the brain, organs and tissues. Those dealing with stress or anxiety can derive calmness and other benefits from the technique.