Rice Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Overall Well-being

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Rice Diet Plan For Weight Loss And Overall Well-being
is white rice good for weight loss, 7 day rice diet plan
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More than 3.5 billion people worldwide, primarily in Asia, Latin America, and certain regions of Africa, depend heavily on Rice as a food source. Most people live on a rice diet plan in one way or another. For instance, Rice is part of every meal in South Asia. Similarly, every meal course in Japan includes sushi—tiny morsels of raw fish wrapped in Rice.

You can create an endless list of popular delicious dishes with Rice as the main ingredient. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that Rice is easily the most popular food consumed globally.

But is Rice nutritious? And can a Rice diet plan help in weight loss? Keep reading this blog to find answers to all these questions and more.

    • Types of Rice

      Rice is categorized based on four primary factors: 

      • Kernel size

      • Flavours

      • Degree in milling, and

      • Starch content

      Based on these factors, experts have identified 12000+ varieties of Rice. Among these, the most popular and widely used ones include: 

      • Arborio Rice

      • Sushi Rice

      • Basmati Rice

      • Brown Rice

      • White Rice

      • Wild Rice

      • Jasmine Rice

      • Black Rice

    • Rice Nutrition Facts

      People frequently compare brown Rice with white Rice. White and brown Rice both primarily include carbs and a small amount of protein, but almost no fat or sugar.

      Both of these varieties have similar nutrient content. They have identical volumes of calories, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. A 100 gm serving of well-cooked white Rice contains.

      Nutrients :

      1. Calories: 130 g

      2. Carbohydrates: 28.7 g

      3. Fat: 0.19 g

      4. Protein: 2.36 g

        Rice Nutrients Facts:

        1. (Brown Rice)

        1. Manganese 42 % DV
        2. Niacin 16% DV
        3. Thiamin 15% DV
        4. Selenium 11% DV
        5. Magnesium 9% DV

        6. 2. (White Rice)

          1. Manganese 16 % DV
          2. Niacin 3 % DV
          3. Thiamin 2 % DV
          4. Selenium 9 % DV
          5. Magnesium 2 % DV

          6. 100 g of Brown rice Vs. 100 g White rice

        Best Type of Rice For Weight Loss

        Brown rice is the best to eat if you're trying to lose weight. They are the ideal replacement for white Rice in losing weight since they are a low-carb diet with fewer calories and supply essential nutrients.

        The general rule of thumb says that unprocessed Rice is ideal for a weight loss diet. You can choose between brown Rice, wild Rice, black Rice, and Red Rice. 

        The size of the grain is also equally important. Long grain is better for weight loss than short and medium grain since the former is not sweet and is less starchy.

        Effectiveness of Rice Food in Weight Loss

        Rice alone will not make you achieve your weight loss goals. Nevertheless, it should be part of any balanced weight loss plan.

        Simple carbs have traditionally been avoided in weight loss programs, but research shows that Rice can be a successful addition to a diet. For Rice to be effective as a weight-loss food, you must be very strict about the portion size, the type, the cooking method, and the additions. 

        Here are some tips for preparing and eating brown Rice to lose weight:

          Health Benefits of the Rice Diet

          1. Eating Rice is highly beneficial to your health because it does not contain harmful fats, cholesterol, or sodium. 
          2. Opt for steamed or boiled Rice instead of fried Rice.
          3. Pre-soak and thoroughly wash three to four times before cooking
          4. To create a balanced meal for weight loss, combine Rice with veggies high in fibre.
          5. To enhance the flavour of brown Rice, you may cook it in coconut water instead of plain water.

            1. It's an Energy Powerhouse:

            Rice's abundance of carbohydrates provides the body with energy and supports healthy brain function.

            2. It Controls Blood Pressure:

            Rice is considered one of the safest foods for those with high blood pressure and hypertension because of its low salt level.

            3. It’s Easy to Digest:

            It is easy on the stomach because it is low in fat and fibre.

            5. It is Vitamin-rich: 

            Vitamins are frequently required in vital body functions, and Rice is a superb source of vitamins and minerals. It supports immune system health, body metabolism, and overall immunity.

                  What Could Be 7 Day Rice Diet Plan?

                  You must be extremely careful with the portion sizes in your meals while on a diet plan. Additionally, it would help if you made it a point to expend more calories than you consume. Running, swimming, or engaging in other forms of physical activity are excellent ways to do this.

                  When it comes to a 7-day rice diet, you don't have to limit your plan to just Rice. You should include Rice in your diet but in moderation. Likewise, consume brown Rice rather than white Rice. Moreover, your BMI index is a significant factor in choosing the type of diet you must follow. 

                  Body mass index, or BMI, calculates your healthy weight depending on height. It provides you with information on your likelihood of experiencing weight-related health issues. Additionally, it gives you a good sense of your daily caloric requirements, ideal body weight, and healthy weight range.

                  Generally, a 7-day rice diet plan will include:

                  • Whole grains- Mainly brown Rice for your carbs requirement

                  • Fruits and Vegetables- For your fibre requirement

                  • Nuts and Seeds- For healthy fats

                  • Homemade Desi Ghee and Seed oils like mustard, olive, etc.- Healthy Fats again

                  • Lentils/ Legumes/Paneer/Soya/ Tofu, etc.- For the protein requirement

                  It is always wise to consult your doctor and dietician for a more detailed plan. 

                  Should you eat brown rice or white rice?

                  You can eat either white or brown rice on the diet, as long as it contains no extra salt or fat. The traditional rice diet calls for white rice. At the time, it was simpler and more accessible.

                  Brown rice, on the other hand, has grown in popularity and accessibility. It is also unprocessed and whole grain with higher fibre and vitamin content than white rice. If you're committed to eating just unprocessed foods, brown rice may be worth considering.

                  Which rice is better for weight loss?

                  The best Rice to eat when trying to lose weight is brown Rice! They are the ideal replacement for white Rice in losing weight because they are low in calories and provide necessary nutrients.

                  How much rice should one eat daily? 

                  Depending on several variables, including gender, build, height, and degree of activity, the number of calories required to lose weight might differ from person to person. 

                  As a general guideline, each serving should contain roughly 37 gm of Rice for women and 50 gm of Rice for men trying to reduce weight per serving.

                  What can be the side effects of the rice diet?

                  No matter how nutritious anything is, overindulgence is never a good thing. The same applies to Rice. If you are a rice lover, beware of the following side effects:

                  • Rice is easily digested. So, you might experience frequent hunger. Not a good feeling to have while trying to lose weight.

                  • Rice contains a lot of starch. Consuming too much of it can cause your blood sugar to rise.

                  • You can feel sluggish and tired if you consume too much Rice during the day.


                  By now, we are sure you know a great deal about the rice diet plan and its impact on your weight and overall health. In case you want to know more, feel free to get in touch with a health expert. You can do so easily using the Kayawell platform itself. We have hundreds of top-rated health experts and nutritionists listed on our platform. Hurry up; make an online appointment now.