Butterfly pose benefits

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Yoga can relieve you from day to day stress and pains.  By following a regular regime and including various asanas like surya namaskar, parvatasana, ardha chakraasana and many more can relieve you from different pains in the body making you feel energetic again. Everything has its pros and cons and so does yoga, if not performed correclty the asanas can leave you with more pain then you wanted to expunge. 

How to do a butterfly pose

In the base position bring the soles of the feet together. Try to bring the heels as close to the body as possible. Interlock the fingers and place them under the feet. Gently push the knees towards the ground, utilizing the e1bos, and bend the body forward. Try to touch the ground with the head; this will be difficult at first.

Keeping the soles of the feet together, place the hands on the knees.

Utilizing the arms, push the knees towards the ground, allowing them to bounce upward again.

Repeat 20 or more times.

Benefits of titli asana (butterfly yoga pose)

•Best exercise for relaxing and stretching the aching thighs.

•It helps to open up the hips and thighs and improves flexibility.

•For relieving stress and tiredness, it is the best exercise.

•It stimulates the reproductive and digestive organs.

•Relives from pain and discomfort in time of menstruation.

•Very useful for ladies after menopause.

•A relaxing exercise for pregnant ladies.

•Useful to the kidneys, bladder, endocrine gland, and ovaries.

•Regular practice of this posture will facilitate in easing the pain related to natural childbirth.