Ayurvedic Tips for Better Sleep

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Ayurvedic Tips for Better Sleep
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Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common disorder experienced by many people. There can be several reasons responsible for this condition, ranging from fast paced lifestyles, stress or health related issues to psychological disorders. Ayurvedic tips for better sleep are simple to incorporate into your life and will ensure proper and sound sleep without too much effort.

Ayurvedic tips for better sleep

Stick to a regular sleep timetable. Sleep at the same time daily. Being consistent streamlines the sleep-wake cycle of your body, thereby promoting better sleep at night.

Make your room ready for better sleep. Your bed should be spotlessly clean. Cleanliness helps to ensure a calm and peaceful mind, leading to better sleep. In addition, you can also play instrumental music at a very low volume to relax your mind and improve sleep quality.

Avoid beverages such as tea/coffee at night stay away from the computer as well as TV.

Another useful ayurvedic tip for better sleep is a lower limb massage or foot massage.

Diet has a pivotal role to play in case of bettering one’s sleeping pattern. Stick to light meals at night. Refrain from eating spicy or fried meals for dinner to ensure naturally sound sleep.

Prior to sleep; drink a glass of warm milk. This is considered as an age old remedy to get rid of sleeplessness.

Herbs such as valerian root, dried chamomile flower and lavender are known to induce better sleep according to ayurveda.

Eat cherries and dates to stimulate certain brain chemicals that may induce natural sleep.

A date milkshake with poppy seeds added to it also ensures sound sleep.

Drink plenty of water during the day to sleep better. Water therapy is one of the fundamental ayurvedic remedies for better sleep.

Practice yoga and meditation in addition to muscle relaxation and breathing exercises to improve sleep quality.

Good sleep is vital for a healthy mind and body. So, follow the above mentioned ayurvedic tips for better sleep and ward off insomnia safely and successfully!