Improve your eyesight with ayurveda

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Improve your eyesight with ayurveda
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There are many ways to improve eyesight with ayurveda. Drishti dosha is the name for defective eyesight in ayurveda. This can be caused due to a multitude of factors such as nervous disability, diabetes, excessive smoking and alcohol intake. Age related defects can also lead to problems with eyesight.

How to improve eyesight with ayurveda


A good diet goes a long way in improving your eyesight. Apples and grapes are considered good for eyesight.  Spinach is known to increases haemoglobin thereby aids good eyesight. Carrots and cucumber juice are very helpful improving eyesight. In addition, foods such as turnips, tomatoes, oranges and dates, are good sources of Vitamin A and should be eaten regularly. You can also eat almonds daily to enhance your vision and reduce mental stress.

Other ayurvedic methods  to improve eyesight

Mixture of cardamom seeds with one tablespoon of honey daily.

 Juice of ayurvedic herbs such as amla and garlic can help a lot to enhance vision

Bhringraj herb or amla oil can be applied to improve vision.

Rubbing a small amount of ghee on the soles of the feet to improve eyesight.

Yoga and pranayama work wondrously to improve eyesight.    

Use a few drops of honey, ghee or sesame oil to boost vision


Triphala is a very potent medicine for eye health, especially blurred vision. It also prevents the development of cataract. Wash the eyes with water to which triphala powder has been added to cure eye problems and enhance vision.

Ayurveda also suggests meditating by focusing on the flame of a candle to improve eyesight. You must rinse your eyes with water daily. Eyes must also be given ample rest if you work for long hours, particularly in front of a computer.

Exercises to improve eyesight:

Close both eyes very tightly and then open them suddenly. Feel the stretch. Open and arch your brows. Repeat several times a day.

Look as far as possible. Inhale. Look down and then blink a dozen times.

Rotate your eyeballs slowly and steadily in all directions. Do these with your eyes shut, and several times a day.

Warm your hands by rubbing them together. Now, cover the eyes without touching the eyelids. This relaxes the nerves and also increases the blood circulation. This is an ancient yoga technique known as hatha yoga.

Try ‘sunning’. Move your head from side to side to benefit the eyes. Never look directly at the sun though.