How to Calculate and Maintain Calorie Deficit?

Today, obesity is a very major issue that is spreading all around the world. Also, people do not care about their increasing weight which makes them ill after some years. This is why you need to introduce a deficit in calories so that you may not only stay smart but healthy at the same time. 
A quick way to calculate a deficit in daily caloric intake is the use of a calorie deficit calculator. This online tool is specifically developed by to help you in estimating your weight maintenance macros.

What Is Calorie Deficit?

A calorie deficit is a state in which you consume fewer calories than your body requires to maintain its current weight. This can lead to weight loss as your body is forced to use stored fat for energy. It is often used as a strategy for losing weight, but it can also be unintentional in cases of illness or malnutrition. A calorie deficit can be achieved through a combination of diet and exercise, with the goal of creating a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

How To Calculate Calorie Deficit?

If you are obese and wish to reduce your daily consumption of calories, then you can be subject to the following equation:

Calorie Deficit=Input Calories-Output Calories

The advanced calorie deficit calculator also utilizes the same formula to suggest you your daily weight maintenance caloric intake. 

Calculate your Calorie Deficit by Using Calorie Deficit Calculator


Yes, this tool has made it possible for people like you to estimate the reasonable lack of diet consumption on a daily basis. The calculator takes certain inputs to generate respective outputs in seconds which include:


  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Current weight
  • Activity level 
  • Start and target dates 
  • Your diet routine


  • Weight maintenance consumption calories
  • Target Date
  • Calories burned/day
  • Time to achieve the goal
  • Daily weight loss
  • Weekly weight loss
  • Your goal current weight
  • BMI and BMR
  • Total daily energy expenditure
  • Idea body weight and obesity class

Now what you seek when each and every necessary parameter is calculated by the calorie deficit calculator.

How To Be In Calorie Deficit?

There can be various ways to do this. A few are listed as under:

Track Everything You Eat Daily

You must go by tracking your daily calories. You can do that by using the calorie intake calculator. After you estimate, you can note down how many calories you consumed or have to consume on a daily basis. This habit will definitely help you maintain your weight by introducing a caloric deficit. Also, it is another way to stay healthy and active enough.

You Should Fast

Due to how easy and successful intermittent fasting is for weight reduction, it is becoming more and more popular. In essence, you select a time frame for eating and another for fasting. 

As long as you do not overeat within your eating window, eating only a specific number of hours each day helps you reduce your daily calorie intake that you can also justify with the calorie deficit calculator by calculator online site. 

Have a Beauty Sleep Daily

Beauty sleep refers to getting sleep for at least 4 to 5 cycles. Each sleep cycle consists of 90 minutes or 1.5 hours. Cortisol is the stress hormone that will rise as a result of insufficient sleep. It will boost appetites and starvation. 

That implies that you will eat more the next day. Additionally, you find it tougher to push yourself in the gym because of the low energy. This is why you must try to sleep properly for at least 8 hours.

Drink More Water

People who have dehydration-related symptoms including headaches, lethargy, or dizziness may mistakenly believe they are hungry. Make sure you drink enough water to keep hydrated. Keep a glass or bottle of water on hand at all times to serve as a reminder to keep drinking.


Q1. How To Sustain Calorie Deficit?

You may sustain your calorie deficit in the following ways:

  • Start brushing after you eat a meal 
  • If you drink your calories, just stop doing that 
  • Keep calculating your calorie deficit by using the free online calorie calculator regularly

Q2. Why You Need To Maintain Calorie Deficit?

You need to maintain a clear-cut deficit in your calories to stay smart and healthy.

Let’s Wind Up

You must start some efforts for maintaining or losing weight. This is why you must try to eat and drink less than you do nowadays. And to estimate how many calories you need to reduce on a daily basis, you can start using the free calorie deficit calculator. 

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