World Breastfeeding Week: Know Everything

People are used to celebrating World Breastfeeding Week from the 1st August to the 7th August to give the people every knowledge about the positive effects of the Breastfeeding. Mother’s when they give birth to the Child feeds their Small Baby lots of Milk with their own Breast. It is used to celebrate to make the people know the effects on their Babies when they get a Mother’s Milk to their Babies. Mother’s Milk is very important and necessary for the people to make them more Strong and capable to do any tasks without any mistake with better health.

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Reason Behind World Breastfeeding Week

Milk contains a lot of Nutrients like Protein, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Iron, Calcium, Fats, and many other Nutrients to make people Grow Stronger in their health. World Breastfeeding Week is Organized and also started by the WHO known as the World Health Organization, WABA which is known as the World Alliance for the Breastfeeding Organization, and UNICEF which is known as the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund to get every Baby the Milk of their Mother for more around Six Months to make the Babies Health Strong enough to do any task in the Future.

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Benefits of World Breastfeeding Week

Mother’s Milk is used to give many of the Important Nutrients and to make the Child get every type of better nourishment to their Child to develop their Health for a better future. Mother’s Milk is also used to give them every safety from the Diseases like Pneumonia, Cholera, Neonatal Jaundice, and many other Diseases.

World Breastfeeding Week is started and also celebrated by the World Alliance for the Action of Breastfeeding in 1992. After many years, it was then celebrated in 120 Countries by the WHO, UNICEF, and also many other Organisations which have many of their participants like Governments, Associations and also Individuals, etc.

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When and Why World Breastfeeding Week Started

World Alliance for the Action of Breastfeeding Day was launched in 1991 on February 14th for increasing the Breastfeeding Culture in the World by achieving the Breastfeeding Goal and also giving support for the Breastfeeding Tradition. For making the Mother and the Baby live a Healthier life many Organisations like the WHO as well as the American Academy of the Pediatrics which is known as AAP.

The government has suggested to every Mother that they should give their child their Milk starting Six Months after they get born and also they can give their Milk to their Child for Two or more years. The Mother needs to get them every knowledge about the Child’s Breastfeeding to make their Child Strong in the Future.

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What is the AIM Behind Celebration

Here are some major reasons for celebrating world breastfeeding week:

1) To help moms through peer gatherings to advance, layout, and continue breastfeeding by illuminating families regarding the advantages of Peer Counseling.

2) To teach and prepare medical care specialists to offer help to moms and children in successful ways.

3) Embolden states to perceive the significance of the insurance and advancement of breastfeeding and give regulation to help a breastfeeding mother.

4) To extend information inside the local area to improve, advance, and safeguard breastfeeding.


World Breastfeeding is used to celebrate to support many of the Families with a lot of people and workers to get trained, Consultants of the Lactation and the Partners. The government has many of the beneficial ideas and plans to get the message to spread to a Large number of Mother’s in the World in an every less period of time. There are many trained Counselor which are having much of the knowledge about the Breastfeeding and they are used to spread the Breastfeeding information to many of the Mother’s situated worldwide.

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