15 Ways to Rain-Proof Your Workout During Monsoon

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Sure, rain provides us all respite from the grilling heat of summer, it also brings along a host of health problems. Should you be working out during monsoon, make sure that hygiene is your priority. Choose a gymnasium that maintains hygiene. Your ignorance in choosing a gymnasium may get you in trouble during monsoon. Here are some tips on how to prevent sickness during monsoon and continue your workout regimen.

Workout Precautions for Monsoon:-

Not working out during the entire season will only be counter-productive to your plans of staying healthy. Instead, work out, but keep certain precautions in mind. Following precautions can protect you from infections and diseases during monsoon.

- Ascertain that gymnasium staff (trainers, dietitians and help personnel) makes special arrangements for monsoon.

- Make sure that proper hygiene is maintained to keep the mosquitoes and germs from breeding.

- Make sure that the gym is regularly cleaned with disinfectants.

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- Direct contact with wet surfaces should be avoided. Water attracts bacteria, thereby increasing the chances of bacterial infections by manifolds.

- The infections, usually, spread in steam rooms and swimming pools. So, using them increases the likelihood of infections.

- Outdoor swimming pools should not be used during monsoon.

- Contact with the gym’s bathroom floor should be avoided to the extent possible.

- Ensure that water does not collect in the gym premises. If you find water clogged in any part of the gym, ask the staff to clean up the premises to prevent malaria, dengue, and other water-borne diseases.

- High humidity during monsoon can alleviate the risk of fungal infections. Ask your gym personnel to keep a check on the humidity levels by installing ventilators, etc.

- Avoid using gym towels as they may not be washed. Damp towels attract germs and bacteria. Ensure that the towel you are going to use was not used by another person. Alternatively, you may carry your own towel to the workout place.

- Ensure that your footwear is not damp. Dampness may lead to skin problems, such as athlete's foot.

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- Wear a washed pair of socks every day.

- Bathe twice a day to keep infections at bay.

- Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair regularly.

- Making wise food choices is equally important. Avoid eating street food. Contaminated street food may cause diarrhea or hepatitis A.

- Keeping a few tips in mind can help you stick to your workout regimen during monsoon without having to be sick. Prepare beforehand for a workout during monsoon to stay fit and healthy.