Exercise for tailbone pain

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Some people find exercise relieves their tailbone pain. Results may not come quickly, so it needs a commitment to keep up the routine.


A patient writes: "My osteopath told me that it was essential to walk at a brisk pace for at least an hour per day to relax the spasms that tend to build up around the coccyx. I have started walking about 2 hours per day, to and from work. If I am tired and sore after a long day of work, my walking bring me back to as good as new." Also Anie found that a year of running and walking on a treadmill, 40 minutes a day, 4 times a week, got rid of her coccyx pain.


Amy writes: I have had tailbone pain for over 10 years. Since I started swimming 20 minutes a day with 5 mins of kicking warmup my pain is better - not gone, but better.

Weightless squats

Repeatedly go from this position to standing. R. K. Hennessy, D Giberson, Lylima and Anonymous found that a programme of repeated weightless squats reduced or relieved their tailbone pains.

Clam shell exercise

Anonymous found that clam shell exercises shown below reduced his coccyx pain when done with the squats above.

Leg exercises

Alem reported success in getting rid of coccyx pain using these leg exercises.

Anal lock

Hengsoon found that doing an Anal Lock excercise reduced his pain. This exercise is done in bed, morning and evening. It involves the same muscles you use to "hold on" when you need to go to the toilet but can't get there right away. The muscles are tensed and held for 10-15 seconds, repeatedly. Full instructions are given on www.chinese-holistic-health-exercises.com

Hamstring stretch

Andrew found that physiotherapy and hamstring stretches relieved his pain.