7 Amazing fruits for glowing and young skin which works like miracle.

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7 Amazing fruits for glowing and young skin which works like miracle.
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Fruits are miracle foods. No jokes. Scientists call these guys functional foods aka they taste good and they do good. Bursting with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, your fruit bowl holds secrets your skin knows about but can’t tell you.Fruits make a huge difference to your health and when you’re healthy on the inside, your skin can’t help but glow from the outside. Like full beaming glow form the outside.

1. Grapefruit

41 calories a low glycemic index and over 50-70% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake. 1 juicy grapefruit a day can make a huge difference on your journey to glowing skin. Rather than reaching for an orange which is medium to high in sugars, switch your go to vitamin C boost for grapefruit.

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2. Tomatoes/Tomato paste

Tomatoes are a health fruit in vegetable disguise. And eating enough of them, will help bring your skin a powerful antioxidant boost able to protect your skin against damaging UV light. Who knew ‘eh. You my friend. You do. You are awesome. Tomatoes are packed with a skin loving ingredients called carotenoids – specifically Lycopene.

3. Strawberries

Bright red summer loving fruits for glowing skin – gotcha. Strawberries are low in glycemic index and very low in glycemic load meaning their sugar is slow release – yahoo. As for claim to fame, our heart-shaped bursts of goodness are a top source of phenolic antioxidants – a group of very potent antioxidants associated with great health. In fact strawberries have 2 to 11 times more phenolic antioxidants than most other fruits. Powerful stuff.

4. Cherries

They taste too good to be great for you but trust me my friend, cherries are a fab fruit for glowing skin. They rank with a very low 20 on the glycemic index ruler (which goes up to 100) and a 6 on the glycemic load scale which is also considered low. Cherries have natural sugar they can channel the right way. 

5. Dried Apricots

Most of the time dried fruits are a glowing skin no-no. When fruits get dried their sugar concentration rises to skyscraper levels – dates and rains we’re looking at you. However dried apricots bend this rule being low in glycemic index and glycemic load.And eating them in their dried form is actually a great choice, as to avoid bruising in transport apricots have to be picked so young important skin loving antioxidants and minerals haven’t yet had a chance to develop.

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6. Blackberries

Blackberries are also a great fruit for glowing skin as they’re an important source of vitamin C, vitamin K and manganese. Vitamin C’s fabulous for collagen building, vitamin K’s great for helping skin heal plus evening skin tone and manganese (yup, another trace metal) is needed by your body to make the super important antioxidant manganese superoxide dismutase enzymes– read anti-ageing.

7. Avocado

 You probably don’t think about these green gods like a fruit – but they have a seed, so avocado also makes our best fruits for glowing skin list. Avocados also make a great add-in for breakfast fruit smoothies. Fats are very important food for healthy skin. Adding them to your AM wake-me-up brekkie’s like making medicine for your complexion.

Avocados are a great source of anti-inflammatory fats, vitamin B 3, B 5, B6 and folate.

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