The Benefits of Wild Cherry Bark

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The Benefits of Wild Cherry Bark
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You must have already heard about wild cherries fruit, but did you know that wild cherry bark is equally nutritious and healthy? Yes, you read that right.

It's hard to ignore the wild cherry bark benefits. Especially if you prefer natural health remedies, you should be familiar with wild cherry bark's benefits, use, and side effects.

Luckily, you don't have to work hard for that. This blog will cover all that and more.

What is Wild Cherry Bark?

Wild cherry bark (or wild cherry wood) is the dried inner bark of a wide variety of cherries. When dried, the bark turns dark brown and becomes hard, brittle, and sometimes crumbly.

Wild cherry grows in different parts of the world, including Europe, the United States, and Asia. In many regions, its bark has been used as traditional medicine. There are over 200+ known species of the wild cherry tree, each having its unique bark.

The wild cherry tree bark is harvested after the tree has been felled and then processed into chips or flakes before being sold.

Other Names of Wild Cherry Bark

Cherry bark is commonly known as wild cherry, dogwood, or mountain laurel. It's often confused with oak bark due to its similar appearance.

Medical Uses of Wild Cherry Bark

Wild cherry bark has been a traditionally used medicine for many health issues, such as indigestion, insomnia, coughs, respiratory infections, and joint pains.

The bark is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, which help protect the body against disease and aging. In addition, it contains flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory effects. These compounds may help reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's Disease.

In traditional Chinese medicine, wild cherry bark is believed to be a powerful tonic for the kidneys and bladder. It's also thought to promote longevity and increase stamina. It's traditionally used to treat edema and inflammation.

The Nutrition Facts About Wild Cherry

Wild cherry bark contains many vitamins and minerals, including calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It is also rich in antioxidants, like flavonoids, caffeic acid, quinic acid, and chlorogenic acid.

While wild cherry bark is packed with many vitamins and minerals, it is also naturally low in calories. Therefore, it can be a great addition to your diet if you want to increase your intake of vitamins while limiting your calorie intake.

Health Benefits of Wild Cherry Bark

While wild cherry bark isn't as popular as some other herbal remedies, it still has plenty of uses. It can be a natural remedy for many health issues. Some of them are listed below:

●       Helps with Digestive Issues

Wild cherry bark may benefit your digestive health. It can be used to treat irritable bowel syndrome, stomach ulcers, and colitis.

●       Protects your Heart 

Wild cherry bark is rich in antioxidants, which may help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

●       Helps Boost your Immune System

Wild cherry bark is rich in flavonoids, which benefit your immune system and help protect you from infections.

●       Helps with Insomnia

Wild cherry bark has been shown to have mild sedative properties. It can help you sleep better and relax.

●       Protects your Skin

Wild cherry bark contains vitamin C, flavonoids, and caffeic acid, all known to benefit your skin.

●       Helps with Coughs and Respiratory Infections

 Wild cherry bark helps treat respiratory diseases like asthma and bronchitis.

And that's not all! You can use wild cherry bark for skin care purposes too. Apply a small amount to the face and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing with cool water. This treatment relieves itching and irritation and can even reduce redness and swelling.

How to Consume Wild Cherry Bark: Safety and Considerations

Dried wild cherry bark is sold in bulk at natural food stores or online. And there are many ways to add them to your diet.

●       You can use wild cherry bark syrup to replace sugar in your desserts and beverages, such as tea and coffee.

●       You can include wild cherry bark in your food. It can be used to make jams, jellies, and pies.

●       You can also use wild cherry bark tea.

●       You can include wild cherry bark as an ingredient in your skincare products, such as face masks and scrubs.  

However, do remember that excessive amounts of the bark can be harmful. Make sure to consume it in moderation, as it can lead to side effects, especially if you take it regularly. Moreover, even though wild cherry bark can be helpful, it is recommended to consult your doctor before including it in your diet.

Uses and Benefits of Wild Cherry Bark Syrup

Wild cherry bark syrup (WCS) is a sweet-tasting liquid extract derived from the inner bark of wild cherries. Wild cherry bark syrup is often used in place of maple syrup, honey, molasses, corn syrup, or brown sugar.

      WCS Uses

➢      You can also use it for salad dressings, sauces, dips, etc.

➢      You can even use it as a natural sweetener for smoothies, hot chocolate, cereal, juices, and fruit drinks.

➢      Not to forget its medicinal use for cold and flu. If you like using one, consider buying only old Indian wild cherry bark syrup.

●       WCS Benefits

➢    Wild cherry bark syrup contains many valuable nutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, B complex, and K, along with several minerals such as iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and calcium. The active ingredient in WCS is salicylic acid, similar to aspirin. It is a natural remedy for coughs, colds, flu-like symptoms, sore throats, and even toothaches.

➢      Wild cherry bark syrup (WCS) also contains high levels of polyphenols, which reduces inflammation and swelling in the body. These claims are, however, not backed by science.

➢      Old Indian wild cherry bark syrup offers quick relief from colds, whooping cough, bronchitis, and other lung problems. It also works wonders during diarrhea, gout, and digestive disorders.

➢    In addition to treating illnesses, WCS is also known to increase appetite, prevent heart disease, and boost immunity. Some research suggests that consuming WCS may even improve memory function.

Side Effects Of Wild Cherry Bark

Wild cherry bark can lead to side effects if consumed in large amounts. These include digestive problems like gas, bloating, heartburn, and stomach cramps.

Moreover, long-term consumption of wild cherry bark can lead to low blood pressure and kidney, liver, and nervous system issues. You can also experience allergic reactions upon consuming wild cherry bark. You can prevent this by taking the bark in moderation.

Some side effects are associated with consuming wild cherry bark as a skincare ingredient. These include irritation, burning and stinging sensations, and allergic reactions. You can prevent this by choosing a wild cherry bark extract that has been diluted and selecting the right concentration.

Are Black Cherry and Wild Cherry Same?

Black cherry and wild cherry are two different varieties of cherries. Both have their unique characteristics and flavors. However, they both have similar nutritional profiles and are considered very healthy. 

Black cherry benefits are more or less the same as wild berries. The difference lies primarily in the bark. Wild cherry bark contains more tannins than black cherry bark and may have a more pungent taste.

Both types of bark contain medicinal qualities and are used for numerous purposes. Black cherry bark is often used medicinally for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and immune-enhancing properties.

Another key difference is the benefits of black cherry tea. It has been shown to have anti-cancerous effects, antioxidant activity, and neuroprotective properties. On the other hand, a wild cherry bark tea is considered an excellent remedy for liver and gallbladder disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, and diabetes.

Final Words

Now you know why wild cherry bark is good for you and how you can use it daily. So don't wait and start enjoying the benefits of Wild Cherry Bark today!

Before you go, here are some pro tips for buying the best wild cherry bark:

●       To ensure that you're getting high-quality wild cherry bark, ensure the bark has been shipped from a certified facility.

●       Choose Wild Cherry Bark That Is Freshly Bagged. Do not purchase the wild cherry bark if the packaging looks dry, cracked, or damaged.

●       If you find wild cherry bark at a local retail store, ensure that the package states it contains wild cherry. Many retailers label their products as 'cherry,' which is misleading.

Hope the information we shared was helpful to you. Stay healthy always!

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