The Easiest and Quickest Way to Deseed a Pmegranateo

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The Easiest and Quickest Way to Deseed a Pmegranateo
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Everything about this ruby red fruit is irresistible. Add it to a salad and you have little jewels shining through a sea of green, drink the juice regularly and you will have a healthy glow from within, simply have it as a snack daily and your energy levels are bound to soar like never before. There are so many reasons to include this wonderful fruit to our diet that we may run out of space to include them here. Yes, we’re talking about the pomegranate - a super nutritious fruit that is loved by many. Did you know that one serving of pomegranate seeds could have as much as 3 times the anti-oxidants present in wine or even green tea! And that’s not all, this nutrient-dense fruit is great for those suffering from low hemoglobin levels, it helps improve blood circulation and also has a positive impact on your overall skin health. 

The only drawback about pomegranate is perhaps just how cumbersome it can be to deseed one. If you don’t know how, this reason alone can be enough to keep you away from enjoying the many health benefits of this fab fruit. The little pearls of ruby are so well ensconced inside the fleshy out layer that taking each little kernel out with your fingers is not a task you want to do regularly. So here it is, the easiest and quickest way to deseed a pomegranate effectively. 

Easy and Quick Method of Deseeding a Pomegranate:

Step 1: Take the pomegranate and roll it on the kitchen slab just like your mom uses the rolling pin while making chapattis for you.

Step 2: Once you have rolled it for about say, a 20-30 seconds or so, slice the pomegranate into half, horizontally.

Step 3: Take a big bowl and start hammering the pomegranate in a way that all the seeds fall into the bowl. Be gentle and use a heavy spoon/spatula to do the same. Keep at it, once the first few kernels drop out, you’ll be able to get all of them out in a jiffy!

Step 4: Eat. You’re done. That’s it.

Don’t thank us yet, tell the world. Be proud. You now know the secret to a pomegranate’s deseeding.

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