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Ayurvedic Remedies For Grey Hair

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Ayurvedic Remedies for Grey Hair
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Grey hair is one problem that is straddling even the young today. Exposure to extreme pollution, dust, and industrial waste added to stress and professional anxiety is a deadly combination that shows in the body. Greying can also result due to the lack of melanin in the body. Melanin provides colour to hair.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Grey Hair

Although there are various treatment options available for grey hair, Ayurveda is considered the safest of them all. Ayurvedic remedies for grey hair do not carry any associated side effects and they are also considered as a permanent solution. In Ayurveda, greying is considered to be an imbalance of the vata dosha and the remedies suggested are essentially ways in which this imbalance can be corrected.

Bhringraj is one that is considered most essential for the treatment of grey hair. This herb reverses the process of greying by stimulating the process of blood circulation in the scalp. It also revitalizes the hair follicles and makes them stronger. In fact, some Ayurvedic practitioners are also of the opinion that bhringraj actually darkens the hair naturally. Bhringraj is usually available in the form of oil and its regular use leads to a strengthening of hair and it also treats grey hair.

Amla is another essential ingredient which is used to treat conditions of grey hair. Amla powder mixed with lemon juice can be applied to the hair for excellent results.

These herbs can help you have healthy and beautiful hair

Amla for Grey Hair

A pinch of ground black pepper mixed with curd and the juice of a lemon and applied evenly on the hair is an excellent ayurvedic home remedy for grey hair. Curd helps in ridding the hair of dandruff and black pepper helps in darkening the hair. Regular use of this mixture yields positive results.

A paste of gooseberries and mango seeds is a good remedy for grey hair. It helps in rejuvenating the scalp and also treats grey hair.

Another ayurvedic remedy for grey hair is onions made into a fine paste. If this mixture is applied regularly before taking a bath, it brings back the color to grey hair.

Ground neem leaves slowly turn grey hair to black again.

Guava leaves are also known to reverse the process of greying. They are usually ground into a smooth paste and then applied to the scalp and hair before taking a bath.

Triphala mixed with gingery oil and applied to the scalp regularly also returns greyed hair to its original color. Triphala is a mix of amla otherwise known as Indian gooseberries, bahada and hard. It is usually available in powdered form. 

Applying a mixture of butter and fenugreek powder can also help in the treatment of grey hair. However, one should always bathe in cold water after using this mixture so that the medicinal properties of the mixture are not removed by heat. Fenugreek paste too is considered to be good for greying hair.

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Another important ayurvedic remedy for grey hair is an exercise. For this, one has to rub the fingernails of the right hand with the left hand every day. This approach helps improves blood circulation to the scalp and also strengthens the roots of the hair. It is a very easy process and if done regularly, it reportedly brings back the lost color of the hair. Most importantly the new hair that grows after this is also not grey.

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