Best Weight Loss Exercise and Nutrition

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Every health specialist agrees that our body weight is a key factor in our overall health. Yet, more than 10% of the world's adult population is overweight. Poor lifestyle choice is a major reason for this. That’s why weight loss is now a priority for almost all of us.  

If you are wondering how to lose weight with exercise or you have already tried many times but failed to achieve your goals, worry not!

We have put together some of the best and the most realistic exercise and nutrition. These tips will help you burn those extra calories in a realistic and stress-free manner. 

Does Exercise helps in Weight Loss?

The answer to this is a big yes. There is no better alternative to exercise. Even if you are not a 6 AM Gym person, there are tons of easy-to-follow exercises that you can do at home and achieve your weight loss goals. 

Benefits of Exercise

  • Keeps you fit and energetic. 

  • Reduce chances of heart disease.

  • Controls blood sugar and insulin levels.

  • Assist you in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

  • Boost your mental well-being and mood.

  • Keeps your cognitive ability as sharp as your age

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercise is essential for a healthy life. The importance is even higher when your objective is weight loss. But the best thing is that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the exercise routine

Whether you like to sweat it out in a gym or seek a routine that best fits your packed schedule, you can always find an activity that will help you meet your goal. 

Popular Weight loss exercises include: 

Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

The best part about cardio exercises is that it not only helps you shed those extra kilos but also improves your overall health. Especially, the activities we have listed below will help keep your heart forever young and healthy. 

1. Jogging or Running :

Yes, even a simple activity like brisk walking can keep you fit and healthy. Experts suggest that regular brisk walking is the easiest of exercises that requires minimum effort yet offers great results. 

2. Swimming:

Swimming is another very efficient way to lose weight, including belly fat. You can expect results within 6-8 weeks. You can plan your training intensity for faster results as well. 

3. Cycling:

Cycling is an activity that fits in easily for people of all ages. The health benefits of cycling are not limited to reduced-fat levels alone. Cycling is the perfect heart health hobby that improves brain activity, joint mobility, strengthens bones, and enhances muscle strength and flexibility

Weight Training For Weight Loss

Weight training, in combination with physical exercise and a good diet, is an excellent strategy to aid weight loss. Weight training can help you lose weight by burning calories during and after exercises while also maintaining muscle mass to keep your metabolism from slowing down.

Weight training is not for everybody, especially if one has a medical condition. Hence, it is always wise to consult a health expert. At Kayawell, you can find the best health consultation from the comfort of your mobile screen. All you have to do is fill out this form and we will connect you to the best consultants. 

Reason for Not Losing Much Weight

Visible change is one sure thing that everyone desires in his/her weight loss journey. But sometimes the results may not be as easily visible as one hopes for. However, this can be resolved. 

More often than not, the reason for not losing much weight is because your calorie intake is way more than calorie use. Mindful eating is something that can help you immensely in this regard. 

The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 fitness rule states that 20% of your time should be spent exercising and 80% of your time should be spent eating. While most people think it's the other way around, it's critical to grasp how diet accounts for 80% of fitness.

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Neither can be effective without the other. This means that if you don't exercise, you won't burn the calories from the foods you eat, and if you don't eat, you won't have the energy you need to exercise.

Consume a Balanced Diet of Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Nutritional deficits can be avoided by eating a well-balanced diet. Obesity occurs when the body absorbs more calories than it burns over a lengthy period.

It's vital to keep track of caloric intake in the diet if you want to lose weight healthily. Stable, regulated progress is preferable to chaotic and inconsistent changes in caloric intake and portion sizes throughout a diet and weight loss plan.

Diet Tips For Weight Loss

You must know where and how to start when considering a balanced diet for successful weight loss. Here’s a small list of Do’s that you can follow:

  • Reduce excess calories in daily diet

  • Track meal composition, portion sizes, and nutritional content of the diet

  • Mini-meals or eating smaller portions will satisfy the appetite, keep calorie intake under check, and provide nutrients to the body 24*7.

  • Choose nutritious meals that are low in the fat count. 

Foods that Support Weight Loss

The best diet for weight loss is one that is sustainable in the long run. In simpler words, follow a diet that is not hard to follow after you have achieved your weight loss goals.

  • Vegetables are nutrient-rich and weight-loss friendly. Green vegetables like Spinach, Broccoli, Green Peas, and Cauliflower are low on calories and meet all-fiber needs of the body efficiently. 

  • Fruits boost your fullness while meeting your body’s nutrients and fiber needs. Eat whole fruits in moderation. Also, calorie-rich fruits like bananas, mangoes, and Grapes. Instead, stick to fruits like Avocados, Watermelon, Guava, lime, and Lemon that are best for weight loss. 

  • Whole grains like Wheat, oats, and brown rice must be included in any weight loss diet. They are rich in fiber and meet all the nutrient requirements. In case you are looking for more options, you can also include quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, and teff.

Best Diet to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

If your goal is to lose weight and gain a great physique, then focus on foods best for weight loss and muscle gain. Ideally, this would require more effort and discipline from your side. As far as the diet is concerned, focus on food that will aid your body transformation: 

  • Dairy Food: Greek yogurt burns fat and promotes weight loss. On the other hand, Cottage cheese is protein-rich and will serve your appetite well.

  • Eggs: Eggs digest slowly and keep you feeling full longer. The amino acids help you grow muscular mass. As a result, eggs are one of the best foods for gaining muscle and losing fat.

    Nuts:  Must be consumed in moderation due to their high-fat content. However, the benefits of their vast range of nutrients and satiating properties can't be ignored, especially if you are heavy lifting. If you stick to the serving quantities Almonds, cashews, and pistachios are all excellent choices as well.

  • Beans: Beans are low in calories but abundant in fiber and protein. Black beans, kidney beans, lentils, and chickpeas are popular alternatives.

Remember These Tips

There are some common mistakes that one can make when trying to lose weight. These include:

  • Focusing too Much on Results: It's natural to feel disappointed if you don’t see immediate results. Remember even if the scale reading suggests no change, you may still be losing weight and making progress. 

  • Maintain Calorie Balance: Consuming too many calories will prevent weight loss. Too few calories, on the other hand, might leave you hungry while also lowering your metabolism and muscle mass.

  • Do Not Over-Exercise: Exercising excessively is neither healthy nor effective, and it can cause serious stress. If you feel your body is being overly taxed, consult your trainer, adjust, and make modifications.

  • Keep an Eye on Your Protein Intake: While following a low-fat diet plan is highly advised, do not overlook your protein take. High protein intake can help you lose weight by curbing your appetite, improving your feeling of fullness, and speeding up your metabolism.

  • Do Not Set Unrealistic Goals: Frustration might result from unrealistic expectations. Set attainable goals and identify “what diet is best for me” to maximize your chances of achieving them. You will be able to stay motivated while maintaining a healthy weight loss.


The weight loss journey has its ups and downs. But having a plan in hand will help you overcome temporary setbacks and stay motivated all the way. When it comes to planning your weight loss journey, there is no better way than to do it with an expert by your side. 

With Kayawell by your side, consultation with reputed health and diet experts is just a click away. Fill out this form now and connect to a health expert instantly.