Benefits And Side Effects Of Arame

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Benefits And Side Effects Of Arame
Arame Seaweed Health Benefits
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Arame, sea oak is a species of kelp, of the Brown algae, best known for its use in Japanese cuisine. It has long been used in Japanese delicious dishes alongside vegetables, soups, and fresh, omega-3 rich fish courses. 

When added to foods such as arame seaweed salad, main courses, and appetizers, arame health benefits are undeniably powerful, helping to keep people healthy, happy and strong.

Arame Seaweed Health Benefits: 

Asian countries have long touted the benefits of holistic medicine and a healthy diet for its long, rich life expectancy in its citizens. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this seaweed plant is high in iodine, iron, vitamin A, magnesium, calcium and other forms of important minerals.

Loaded with phytonutrients and antioxidants, it is no wonder that this potent plant has been known to assist with the following:

Treatment for MRSA Infection

Arame has been known to boost the immune system and help the body fight off unwanted bacteria. This is great news for patients with MRSA staph infections which may find using it in meals can be a complimentary boost to antibiotics and other medications your doctor deems appropriate.

Though you should never rely solely on arame to treat such a powerful infection, adding it to your current treatment can only help to further the healing potential of your body’s natural infection fighters.

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Natural Body Detox

We live in a world of highly processed foods and the body is accustomed to working overtime to rid itself of chemicals, toxins and heavy metals that can make your body sluggish. With an abundance of chlorophyll in every serving, this life-sustaining plant can also flush the body of dangerous toxins.

Fighting Cancer and Inflammation

Because arame is chock full of antioxidants, many cancer patients and those cautious of prevention, add it to their daily intake of vegetables. Antioxidants are known for their ability to fight free radicals that can cause cancer and another degenerative disease. Arame also offers an energy boost that can be beneficial to patients who battle fatigue, a common complaint among cancer patients.

Antioxidants can also fight off inflammation that has links to many diseases. Chronic illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis patients, where inflammation is widespread, can find some relief in adding arame to a low fat, low sodium diet. The Paleo diet is a favorite plan where the seaweed fits in beautifully.

Hormone Regulation

If you suffer with ovary cysts, PMS symptoms or heavy periods, arame can help to regulate your hormones because it is rich in iodine. If you have a thyroid problem, you should consult your doctor before consuming the plant in large daily quantities, as iodine may be counterproductive in these instances.

Promotes Healthier Hair, Nails and Skin

With so many vitamins and minerals found in arame, those who consume it will likely notice stronger, longer hair and nails. The skin has also been known to clear significantly with continued consumption. Because many women turn to multivitamins to get these nutrients, most will find it enticing to get this nutrition naturally.

Arame Side Effects and Cautions

Because arame is all natural, you are not likely to experience side effects, however, if you have certain conditions you should consult your doctor prior to consuming it. Thyroid conditions may be aggravated by large quantities of iodine. Those with a history of heart failure, heart disease or high blood pressure should also avoid the plant due to its high sodium content.

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Incorporating Arame into Your Diet

There are many ways to work this popular kelp into your diet plan. From tasty salads to fresh soups, this mildly sweet plant compliments many dishes while also sliding beneath the radar, making it the perfect culinary add-in for almost any meal.

Try steaming, stewing or sautéing it until you discover the way you enjoy kelp best. Do not be afraid to experiment. Quick wraps can be an easy snack solution for the early morning while steamed carrots cooked with sweet ginger and arame make an excellent, vitamin-packed lunch.

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