Ayurvedic Treatment For Lipoma

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Ayurvedic Treatment For Lipoma
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Lipoma is a benign tumour made up of fat cells that are soft to touch. Mostly found in adult ranging from 40 to 60 years, lipoma slowly grows beneath the subcutaneous tissues of skin. It is generally movable and painless when touched. However, in some cases the pressure exerted by lipoma can cause pain.

Ayurvedic Medicines to cure Lipoma

There is still no known ayurvedic medicine to treat lipoma. Here are some of the ayurvedic treatments that can be tried for this condition.

Udwartana: This ayurvedic remedy controls the size of lipoma. Udwartana is a deep penetrating herbal lymphatic massage that helps to prevent further accumulation of fat. Udwartana eliminates the lymphatic toxins from body, improves blood circulation and digestion by balancing kapha dosha.

Vamana Therapy: Vamana therapy is given to people with high imbalance of kapha.Since lipoma is caused due to deposition of fat, kapha derangements of person needs to be worked upon. The person with lipoma must undergo Vamana, one of the five purification therapies of panchkarma. Here vitiated dosha or waste products are eliminated through upper gastrointestinal track i.e. by vomiting.

According to ayurveda copper is helpful to cure extra growth. Take water in copper container, leave it overnight and drink it the next morning. In case you experience vomiting sensation after drinking this water then just keep it for two hours.


Even though lipoma is mostly painless but in some cases constant pain is reported. When there is severe pain that can’t be treated by medicines then ayurvedic surgery is opted for. Ayurvedic surgery for lipoma is done after local fomentation. Lipoma is surgically removed and the wound is sutured immediately after the bleeding stops. After this the wound is cleaned with fine powder made from turmeric, red sandalwood, manasshila, lodhra and hartal in honey. Later on karnja oil must be applied for quick healing.

Herbs for Treatment of Lipoma

Bitter herbs increase body’s ability to digest fats. As mentioned before lipoma is accumulated fat so including bitter herbs in your regular diet will help. Yarrow, wormwood, gentian, olives, unsweetened chocolate and dandelions greens are some of the bitter foods.

Chickweed is popularly known to treat lipoma. Take one teaspoon of chickweed three times a day. You can also take chickweed oil for external application on the lipoma.

Lemon juice eliminates toxins from your body. It helps to both prevent and treat lipoma.