10 Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily

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10 Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt Daily
Yogurt is a commonly eaten dairy product made by the bacterial fragmentation of the milk. Yogurt is made up of a bacterium called yogurt culture, which fragments the natural sugar in milk.
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Yogurt is a popular dairy product filled with nourishing and calming properties. Most people eat it alone whereas others love to pair it with side dishes. Besides its great taste and creamy texture, yogurt is known for offering countless health benefits. Therefore, it is called a nutritional powerhouse. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins. This helps to meet daily dietary requirements. Are you on the path to a healthy life?

Eating yogurt every day is great to lead a healthy life! Thinking if you should eat yogurt every day? Read this article to learn about
yogurt benefits. Here we go.

An Introduction To Yogurt

Yogurt is a commonly eaten dairy product made by the bacterial fragmentation of the milk. Yogurt is made up of a bacterium called yogurt culture, which fragments the natural sugar in milk. The process produces lactic acid, giving yogurt a different taste and texture. Generally, yogurt is made using different kinds of milk. It is rich in essential nutrients like calcium and vitamins; therefore, people eat it daily with their meals. 

Nutrition Value of Curd

Here is the complete nutritional value of curd: 

Nutritional value of curd 

Nutrients (in 100 grams of Curd)

Its amount 


87.9 kcal 


4.6 grams

Saturated fats 

3.25 grams


3.25 grams


3.47 grams


155 mg


46 mg 

Vitamin C

0.5 mg


12 mg


121 mg


0.59 mg

Fast Facts About Yogurt

Let us check out some facts about yogurt: 

1. It is made using a bacteria called yogurt culture. 

2. Regular consumption treats heart diseases and digestive problems. 

3. Yogurt treats uneven skin tone and texture. 

4. It contains essential nutrients and magnesium.  

5. It contains active and living bacteria called probiotics. It enhances your digestive health.

6. Contains vitamins that promote smooth brain functioning. 

Top Ten Health Benefits of Eating Curd Daily

Here are ten yogurt benefits that you must know:

1. Improves digestive health   

Yogurt contains probiotics which form a healthy gut. Regular consumption also breaks down food, which promotes easy digestion. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal conditions, yogurt is recommended. These include:


  • Lactose intolerance

  • Constipation

  • Diarrhea

  • Colon cancer

Some commonly found probiotics in yogurt are:

  • Bifidobacteria

  • Lactobacillus

These reduce symptoms of digestive problems. 

2. Strengthen the immune system 

Prohibits present in your yogurt are exceptional in strengthening and boosting your immune system. Yogurt eating benefits lead to the development of antibodies and immune cells. It eliminates different bacteria which might impact your body and cause infection. The live cultures in yogurt are great for stimulating your gut which helps you to lead a healthy life. 

3. Improve bone health 

Yogurt is rich in vitamins and calcium which is great for your bones. It also contains some phosphorus and proteins. These have some additional curd-eating benefits to your bones. If you regularly consume yogurt, the chances of fractures and osteoporosis are reduced. 

4. Promotes healthy weight loss 

Most people suffering from obese conditions are recommended to eat yogurt every day. This is because incorporating yogurt into your diet largely helps in weight management. Yogurt has proteins that control your hunger and promote satiety. Having yogurt in your diet ensures you do not feel hungry all the time. It minimizes overall calorie intake and controls portions. Several studies have shown that yogurt contains calcium and other advantages of eating curd. These break down fat, aiding in healthy and fast weight loss

5. Great for the heart health 

Yogurt has several heart benefits such as the benefits of yogurt for hair. It contains probiotics that do not let cholesterol get absorbed within your intestines. This minimizes your overall food intake, resulting in improved cholesterol levels. Yogurt is rich in potassium which manages the harmful effects of sodium. In all, it is great for regulating blood pressure. Yogurt also contains conjugated linoleic acid which is known to lower body fat. It is also great for your cardiovascular health.

6. Improves your skin texture 

Yogurt contains vitamin E and zinc. These are eating curd benefits for the skin. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties that treat your acne, ensuring your skin glows from within. Yogurt also has several prohibitions which balance the skin's microbiome. Regular consumption blurs out wrinkles and fine lines. If you have skin blemishes, you must try eating yogurt every day. Some people also apply a thick layer of yogurt onto their faces. It acts as a natural moisturizer and deeply moisturizes your skin. 

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7. Support mental health 

Your gum health and mental wellness are directly connected. Mental health can benefit from gut health as per your brain and gun axis. Yogurt has probiotics that manage symptoms of anxiety and depression. It also improves your mood and cognitive function by supporting a balanced gut microbiome.

8. Reduces inflammation 

Yogurt is rich in probiotics which reduces inflammation. It strengthens your gut barrier and removes bacteria. This reduces the translocation of harmful bacteria, which results in inflammation. Yogurt is also rich in nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, which manage inflammation properly. All nutrients present in yogurt together help to tackle inflammation. 

9. No vaginal infections 

Such an infection is caused by bacteria present in the private area. Consuming yogurt regularly helps to strike the perfect balance of bacteria. The probiotics, including Lactobacillus strains, promote an acidic environment. This promotes the growth of harmful pathogens. Relying on a yogurt-rich diet results in a healthy bacterial balance. This reduces the chances of risks. 

10. Regulate blood sugar levels 

Vaginal infection is caused due to the bacteria present. Regular yogurt consumption helps strike the perfect balance of bacteria within your vagiana. The probiotics like Lactobacillus strains result in an acidic environment. If you include yogurt in your diet, it promotes healthy bacterial balance, ultimately reducing infection risks. 

These are the top 10 benefits of having curd daily!

How to Include Curd in Your Daily Diet?

Here are some top ways to include curd into your diet. Here we go! 

1. Refreshing buttermilk 

Have you tried regular milk or sugary drinks? It's time to switch to a healthier version called buttermilk. It is a homemade recipe served on hot days. This is because every sip promises a cooling sensation. This healthy beverage aids digestion and beats the heat. 

2. Curd Rice

It is a popular South Indian dish known for its unique flavors. Want to eat comforting food? Try out curd rice! It does not feel heavy and gives a boost of energy. You can enhance the flavor by combining it with a mix of spices, like salt and pepper. 

3. Curd Sandwiches 

The flavor and creamy texture of the curd make it a great sandwich spread. All you need to do is add some curd in finely chopped vegetables. Mix it well and spread it on a sandwich. This makes a wholesome lunch and snacking option loaded with necessary nutrients.

4. Curd Raita 

Often served with freshly made parathas or biryani, it is a thin curd-based raita sparkled with salt and black pepper. For additional taste, you may add chopped vegetables, spices, and herbs. All this adds freshness to your meals. 

5. Dahi Chaat 

What better than giving your weekends a healthy twist with some Thai chaat? It is a popular Indian street delicacy that has a burst of flavors. It is made with crispy snacks and spices. It also has chutney and curd which enhances the flavor in every bite. Want to satisfy a small hunger? Dahi chaat is the ultimate choice! 

Steps to Make Yogurt at Home 

Here we go: 

1. Firstly, heat the milk on full flame. Switch off the gas before it boils completely. 

2. Allow the milk to rest and cool down for some time. 

3. Add two tablespoons of freshly prepared yogurt once the milk is mildly warm.

4. Stir the mixture well. Allow it to sit untouched in a warm place for eight hours. 

Who Should Avoid Eating Curd?

There are several yogurt benefits, but still not everyone can have it. Here is a list of people who should avoid eating curd: 

1. Lactose Intolerance Individuals 

People who are lactose intolerant cannot eat curd. Since curd contains a natural sugar called lactose, people with such a condition must avoid it. These people cannot digest lactose, which can cause digestive problems. 

2. People with Dairy Allergies

Do you have allergies to dairy products like milk? Avoid curd as it may trigger your symptoms. Some common symptoms of dairy allergies are: 

  • Hives

  • Swelling

  • Difficulty breathing.

3. Those Prone to Acid Reflux

Acidity might aggravate these symptoms in some individuals. It irritates the esophagus which results in regurgitation or heartburn.

4. Respiratory Issues

People suffering from respiratory issues should not eat curd. This is because curd increases mucus production. It also worsens the respiratory symptoms of people suffering from conditions like asthma or COPD. 

5. People with Specific Dietary Restrictions

Are you someone who relies on a vegan or a plant-based diet only? If so, curd cannot be on your list! Since curd is derived from animals and contains living bacteria. 


Yogurt is great for your health. It tastes delicious and gives the necessary boost of energy. You may pair it up with several side dishes that flavor your platter. Besides its taste, it provides several health benefits, which we discussed in this article. We hope it helped you better understand the top yogurt benefits of eating daily. 


1. List some side effects of overeating curd 

Here is a complete list of side effects of overeating curd: 

  • Discomfort as the digestive tract becomes overworked.

  • Weight gain due to high-fat content and calorie intake. 

  • Overeating curd shows symptoms of lactose intolerance 

  • Overeating curd disturbs the gut flora balance.

  • Causes allergic reactions and shows symptoms like hives and rashes.

2. What is the average shelf life of the curd? 

The average shelf life of a curd is around one week. However, it is recommended not to use old curd. It can be harmful to your health. Meanwhile, you must prepare a new batch of curd every two to three days to remain healthy. 

3. Is eating curd good for the skin?

What you eat shows on your face! Curd is rich in vitamin E and zinc which are great for your skin. These elevate your skin complexion and give an inner glow. Additionally, curd is a natural moisturizer. 

4. Is curd good for people suffering from diabetes? 

People suffering from diabetes should keep eating curd every day. Regularly consuming curd controls blood sugar levels. Additionally, it provides important nutrients to your body. Thus, you must include curd into your diet in any form like raita, sandwich, and more. 

5. Is it healthy to eat curd in the summer? 

Yes, eating curd in summer is highly recommended as it maintains your body temperature in this hot weather. Additionally, there are several eating curd benefits like: 

  • Maintaining digestive health

  • Staying hydrated

  • Supporting weight management

  • Boosting immunity.

6. Can I eat curd at night? 

Yes, you can consume curd at night. While uses of eating curd, watch the quantity as excessive eating may cause digestive problems.

7. Is curd good for acidity?

Yes, eating curd benefits for stomach and can help with acidity. Because it contains calcium in milk which makes it a home-effective treatment.