Top 10 Quick Health Tips For A Happy And Safe Holi

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Holi is the festival of colours which arrives with spring in India. It is one of the most loved festivals celebrated with immense joy and happiness. On Holi, people apply colourful powders on one another and get painted into vibrant colours. Besides that, you get to munch on delicious sweets, snacks, and beverages that are a favourite of everyone! Although this festival brings a lot of vibrancy and happiness, it may also be harmful, as certain products cause skin problems, injuries and infections. Therefore, being well-versed with all the health tips for a happy and safe Holi is important. Since Holi is around the corner, it is the perfect time to introduce 10 quick health tips that you follow this year for a happy and safe Holi. So, without any delay, here we go.

10 Quick Health Tips For A Safe Holi

1. Cover your nose and mouth 

You must always cover your mouth and nose with a cotton cloth or a mask during the Holi celebration. In case you suffer from respiratory problems or asthma, it is a necessity! While playing with colours, the powder or water may enter your nose and lungs. This may cause asthma attacks. This can cause of asthma and respiratory problems even in healthy individuals. You may also wear funky masks that blend with the Holi atmosphere. 

2. Aware of pollution and smoke 

If you have respiratory issues or your body is showing signs of these problems, you must be extra cautious. It is highly recommended to avoid going out. If you love to play Holi, you should always use a face mask. To keep pollutants out of their houses, older adults should keep their windows closed. Additionally helpful in lowering the incidence of respiratory infections are air purifiers. You can avoid the enormous fire known as Holika Dehen on Holi Eve by spending a few hours indoors. Additionally, this will shield your lungs from smoke particles and other impurities.

3. Avoid Alcohol 

Intake of alcoholic beverages is quite common during the Holi festival in India. While drinking alcoholic beverages, people forget to measure quantities, which causes a mess. It may result in respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Therefore, you must add nutritious beverages like vegetable or fruit juices to your Holi parties as they are a great source of vitamins. Besides the amazing taste, they give a boost of energy. You may also include a special Holi drink called Thandai on your menu. You will fall in love with it if you have a sweet tooth.

4. Choose organic colours 

It's time to ditch the toxic and stubborn colours and use 100% organic colours that ensure you are free from any allergies or health problems. Although regular chemical colours may have bright hues, they harm your skin dramatically and cause skin problems like rashes and acne. You must visit the best dermatologist in Jaipur to treat these issues. They also trigger your hair fall and cause dandruff. It is better to use eco-friendly and herbal colours, which are naturally made from turmeric, sandalwood, henna, beetroot and flowers like marigold and hibiscus. These are extremely gentle on your skin and prevent any skin or hair problems. 

5. Increase your water intake 

During the Holi celebration, you are always running to colour someone or dancing your heart out! As a result, you tend to feel dehydrated while making memories with your friends and family. Amid all the fun, you must drink plenty of juices, water and other drinks to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your body water balance. This will also keep you energetic throughout the celebration, ensuring you do not pass out in between. 

6. Moisturise your skin 

It is another important tip that you cannot miss before going out to play Holi. During Holi, you are dipped into colours that may cause facial problems like rashes, acne and more. Make sure you deeply hydrate your skin by applying a thick layer of moisturiser or coconut oil on your face along with all the body parts. This will make your skin slippery, ensuring that colours do not stick to the bare skin. Also, apply SPF to protect your sensitive skin from direct sunlight. 

7. Wear light and comfortable clothes 

No one wants to miss the fun of playing Holi and indulging in the most delicious food just because you are busy handling your heavy clothes. Therefore, it's time to say goodbye to heavy clothing, especially on Holi. On the contrary, you must choose lightweight and comfortable clothes so that you don't get disrupted in between your fun! It is best to carry long-sleeved clothes so that most of your body is covered and you are protected from colours and the sun. Light colours look extremely good at this festival; thus, choose colours like pink, white, yellow and others. 

8. Respect consent 

Unfortunately, irresponsible behaviour can occasionally be justified by the lighthearted atmosphere of the festival of colours. It's important to keep in mind that not everyone feels comfortable getting wet or having colours applied to them. It is unacceptable to colour or throw water at someone without their permission. Holi is a joyful celebration that shouldn't cause anyone any worry or discomfort. Some may simply not like the messiness, while others may

have allergies or other health issues. Therefore, ensure you have someone's permission before applying colour to them. It's critical to honour each person's comfort zone and inclinations.

9. Wash your hands before eating 

Excited to eat all the delicious food during the Holi festival? Wait a minute! You do not want to eat the Holi colours along with the yummy food prepared by your loved ones. It is always recommended to wash your hands before you eat anything so that germs and colours do not enter your mouth and the entire system. So, do not forget to clean your hands before indulging in mouth-melting savouries and healthy summer food that keeps you cool in hot days

10. Wear goggles to protect your eyes 

Using synthetic or biological colours can both irritate and create discomfort if they end up in your eyes. Synthetic colourants contain chemicals that occasionally even lead to eye illnesses or damage. Goggles are a useful tool for shielding your eyes from intense colour exposure. It can also prevent accidental bumps and falls and maintain clear vision. Select a set of goggles that fit you well and are comfortable. Make sure they completely enclose your eyes. Opting for goggles with a strap ensures that they remain secure, which is another wise decision.

Wrapping Up!

The most fun part of Holi is when all your friends and family come together to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Amongst all the fun, you tend to forget to take the necessary steps for your protection. By following these safety health tips, you can enjoy a safe and happy Holi. So, this Holi splashes colour on your loved ones while being mindful of your actions. Celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm and get a chance to paint everyone in different colours. 


1. How to celebrate a safe Holi with kids? 

If you have kids at home, you must always use all-natural and organic colours. Parents should make their kids wear old and comfortable clothes. Also, give them sunglasses to protect their eyes. 

2. Are there any precautions that I should take on Holi? 

Some major precautions that you must take on this Holi are: 

  • You must massage oil onto your skin

  • Avoid alcoholic beverages as they make you subconscious

  • Maintain a distance from unknown people 

3. How can I cover my head before playing Holi?

You can invest in a stylish and colourful bandana that looks cool when you play Holi. Besides adding a fashion statement, it also protects your hair from getting damaged. 

4. What are the major health benefits of coconut water during Holi? 

Health Benefits of Coconut Water It improves blood circulation and lowers the risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems. Additionally, it keeps your skin glowy and boosts energy. It detoxifies your body and promotes good digestion. 

5. Give some post Holi care tips 

After the Holi, follow these health tips for maximum care:

  • Wash off the colour immediately. 

  • Choose a thick moisturiser to avoid dry patches

  • Drink lots of water for enough hydration  

  • Use petroleum jelly for extra moisturization. 

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