8 Super Food To Reduce Bloating & Gas Quickly

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8 Super Food To Reduce Bloating & Gas Quickly
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Is bloating making you uneasy? Well, it’s high time you should get rid of it. Bloating is a widespread phenomenon of a swollen stomach caused by water or other fluid retention or gas. What helps with bloating? There can be several methods that can make you bloat. It can happen due to excessive air trapped in the digestive tract. It might be happening because it is in your genes. Hence, it is advisable to keep track of the food that makes you bloat. 

The article gives you immense knowledge on foods that help with bloating. You can add these foods into your diet or have these once or twice a week to avoid severe bloating. Moreover, the foods are super foods that will add to your health and heal your other issues. So, let us take a deep glance over these high-fiber, nutrient-rich foods. 

8 Magic Food To Get Rid Of Bloating & Gas Quickly

Here is a list of foods that reduce bloating. We have collected this list after massive research from the best sources available on the Internet. Simultaneously, these foods improve the immune system and provide an excellent healthy base for sustainable life. 

Which Food Causes Bloating?

Usually, it is observed that there are two kinds of bloating, i.e., Gas Bloat & Water Bloat. Both of these bloats are so uncomfortable and make you embarrassed sometimes. The gassy kind of bloat which causes maximum uneasiness happens due to 

  • Beans 

  • Dairy products

  • Veggies that are hard to digest or take time to digest, like broccoli or cauliflower

  • Greasy foods

But as it said, it depends on the human to the human digestive process. Many people are comfortable eating the above-said foods, but many will suffer from bloating. So, the best way is to have these foods or products in a limited portions. We should maintain a good portion of each thing we eat. Keeping track of what you eat and drink helps you get rid of bloating fast

Food supplements are another option to include in your diet to help you reduce bloating. One example is greens powder for bloating, which is a supplement that contains many highly nutritious green leafy vegetables along with probiotics, digestive enzymes, as well as fiber. These supplements can be mixed into water or other liquids to easily enhance your diet and relieve your bloating.

List Of Best 8 Anti-Bloating Foods For A Healthy Lifestyle 

Here is the list of top superfoods that you should eat to avoid bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation, and whatnot. These foods are high in nutrients, rich in vitamins and minerals, and whatnot. So, get a glance and make them a regular service in your daily diet. 

1. Avocados

Avocados are a great source of nutrition. The fruit is loaded with a good amount of folate and Vitamin C, K, and into each serving. Avocado is also considered the super food rich in potassium, an essential mineral required to manage fluid balance and sodium levels to stop water retention or bloating. Another essential element found in Avocado is high fibers. People on their weight loss journey or pregnant women are highly suggested to have this fruit as a snack.  

High fiber properties help go through the digestive tracts slowly to increase regularity and help prevent constipation and bloating. 

2. Cucumber

It is among the top-notch watery and essential foods that keep you hydrated and meet your daily water or fluid requirements. Simultaneously, keeping the body’s temperature and appetite in place gives a super fantastic digestive system and reduces or eliminates bloating from the body. 

3. Yogurt 

Next on the list is Yogurt, the best probiotic, an essential kind of bacteria that plays a prominent part in gut health. Probiotics improve stool frequency and consistency to promote regularity and solve indigestion or constipation problems. It is also considered the best supplement for pregnant women and those on their weight loss journey. 

Probiotics are also known to reduce bloating and abdominal distension. Simultaneously, probiotics are known to cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a common phenomenon that affects the large intestine. 

4. Berries

Berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, are highly loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Berries also include some amount of fibers that induce digestion and restrict bloating. As estimated, Blackberries contain around 8 gm. (150 gm.) of fiber per cup serving. 

Increasing fiber and mineral intake boost your metabolism and eliminate the problem of indigestion, gas, bloat, and other stomach problems

5. Green Tea 

This is the magic beverage meant to reduce weight, detoxify the body, increase healthy metabolism, and keep your body hydrated. It is also helpful in preventing fluid retention. 

It comes in many flavors or varieties and has many antioxidants like Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), which suppress the harmful free radicals and reduce inflammation in the body. It also contains caffeine that is utilized for proper bowel movements. Moreover, it reduces the major problem that is bloating. 

6. Ginger

Ginger is a herb that is a boon to many health causes. It is utilized in medicines in home remedies to treat various health issues. Simultaneously, ginger is utilized to avoid gas and bloating. 

Ginger can speed up stomach emptiness which helps in keeping away bloat and gas from any reason. It is rich in enzymes called zingibain, which break down protein more efficiently to boost healthy digestion. 

7. Fennel

Fennel and its seeds are super foods that help cure so many problems. It is contaminated with anethole, fenchone, and estragole and contains antispasmodic properties. The herb is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties that relax the intestinal muscle and release the trapped gas.

You can add this great herb to your tea, veggies, or salad to give the body a good taste and required minerals. Fennel is also known to have cooling properties that can also reduce stomach heat and acidity. 

8. Kiwi

It is a power-packed fruit known for its 1000s of benefits. It is a boon to heart patients, pregnant women, people with dengue & malaria, and other chronic health conditions. In the COVID-19 crisis, Kiwi was suggested to be included in the diet to boost immunity.

Moreover, its minerals, fiber, and whatnot help empty the stomach, keep the digestive system in place, and give you high energy and immunity. It contains enzymes like actinidin that boost digestion.

A couple of Kiwis are known to have potassium and fiber, which gives around 90 calories. It is best utilized to avoid any bloating. 

How to Debloat Instantly in 5 Minutes?

After checking the list of top food for debloating, let’s come down to tricks that can save your day from bloating. Here we go!

1. Cardio

When it comes to physical activity, Cardio is something that can be done anywhere. Any age group can perform it as per their physical abilities. Cardio generally includes a nice long walk, a brisk jog, bicycle riding, or even a jaunt on the elliptical. Not just these activities, dancing is contemplated as the best cardio among all.   

Physical activities like these help in releasing trapped gas and bloating. You won’t feel like a giant balloon all the time. 

2. Yoga

Doing Yoga is the solution to all of your healthcare problems. Thirty minutes of moderate Yoga sessions can count on various health benefits. To avoid bloating, you can add the following Yoga poses:

  • Cat-Cow

  • Torso Twist

  • Extended Triangle Pose

  • Sphinx Pose

  • Extended Puppy Pose

3. Monitoring & Move

Last but not the least, tracking your own health conditions, what you eat, physical activities you do, and other stuff keeps you going in the right direction. 

These are some of the fabulous tricks to avoid bloating and gas instantly. If you are still suffering from gas and bloat, try using the super foods given above or start practicing Yoga as soon as possible. 

Final Thoughts:

Coming to an end, an individual must keep track of what they have to eat. Your body gives you some hints or signs after having anything. If you feel relaxed or it adds up to your health, instantly add it to your health. If you feel bloated, gas, constipated, then you should immediately avoid such foods or beverages.