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Considering the plight of people who frantically search for blood banks during medical emergencies, we, KayaWell come up with a find blood bank centre service on our portal. Here, you can find information of all the blood banks in your city as well as in the city of your preference. The details of government blood banks, commercial blood banks and private non-profit making blood banks run by trust/society or non-government organisation across the nation are provided on our portal.

Blood banks are an integral part of the healthcare system. In India blood is required in every 2 seconds to save somebody's life. But at times it happens that a willing blood donor does not have the information about where to go to donate blood. Here again, KayaWell provides the information of varied blood donation camp setups in various parts of the country. Know about your nearest blood donation centre or camp and donate blood.

Remember, there is no act more redeeming than saving a human life. A doctor always does this, but even a blood donor is considered as a life saver. You just need to volunteer to donate it to save somebody’s life. As per the WHO report, India still faces a shortage of 3 million blood units annually, owing to lack of coordination and communication. And recognising this issue we strived to create an easy search portal for blood donors and blood searchers in times of need.

Our aim is to :-

  • Improve awareness by providing real-time information
  • Saving lives by helping those in dire need
  • Establishing a network of health maniacs
  • Ensuring a better blood banking and donation system