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Keeping track of all the medical records is a task and this task becomes more challenging when you are concerning different doctors for different health concerns and the information provided by them is in separate formats. Filing the papers together in a folder and carrying the folder every time you visit the doctor is an unnecessary burden. To relieve you from this, we have come up with our Share your health records services.

Share your health records is an online summary of all your health information. You can say an electronic version of your paper health records. All kind of medical information can be stored here. This include

  • Details of different doctors
  • Various prescriptions
  • Information about allergies
  • Medicines record
  • Reaction to particular medication
  • Medical test reports, X-rays and other screenings
  • Consultation notes
  • Hospital admission/discharge records
  • Treatment charges records
  • Personal data such as name, age, address
  • Any relevant lifestyle information such as smoking or drinking
  • Any long-term disease or health condition in family

To avail this service you need to register with us for your Patient Access Account. Once your account is activated, you can upload all your medical information here. Choose the records or information you want to share with one doctor or another.

We are sure you must be thinking of issues like hacking, accidental leaks or illegal access while maintaining online health records but we assure you here. Keeping your records safe and secure is totally our responsibility. You just have to keep your login details and password intact.

With Share your health records service, share your health records in a fraction of the second from anywhere, at any hour.There is no need of filling out a new form every time you visit a new doctor or carrying the entire medical folder in each visit.