7 Incredible Benefits Of Valerian Root Tea

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7 Incredible Benefits Of Valerian Root Tea
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Valerian is taxonomically known as Valeriana officianalis, and is a flowering plant that has been used for traditional medical applications for thousands of years. More specifically, the root of this plant is often dried and used in these remedies due to the high concentration of valerenic acid, flavonones, alkaloids and sesquiterpenes. These powerful active ingredients have a number of anxiolytic, sedative and anti-spasmodic properties that make this herbal tea so widely used around the world

Sleep Aid

As a sedative substance, this tea is particularly good for people suffering from sleep disorders, such as insomnia, or constantly interrupted sleep patterns. This tea should not be combined with other sleeping pills under any circumstances, but when taken independently, it can provide restful sleep and a refreshed feeling in the morning.

Anxiety and Depression

One of the most popular uses of valerian root tea is for reducing anxiety and stress. It has naturally soothing and sedative qualities, due to some of the volatile acids and oils in the root, helping people calm down and focus, rather than feeling overwhelmed. It can also provide mental clarity and eliminate feelings of depression.


ADHD numbers are increasing at unprecedented rates, and hyperactivity is a major problem in educational and public contexts. Valerian root tea can help calm those hyperactive symptoms and allow users to concentrate and focus with a clear head, while also reducing stress hormones and strain on the body.


If you are suffering from an upset stomach, constipation, bloating, cramping, nausea or indigestion, the antioxidants in valerian root tea can stimulate positive muscle function and reduce spasming in the gut. This will result in more normal bowel movements and a reduction in discomfort.

Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

One of the best ways to eliminate a headache or migraine is with a cup of this delicious herbal tea. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of valerian root tea can soothe the inflammation in the capillaries and lower blood pressure, helping to relieve the pain and tension of most headaches.

Menstrual Cramps

Women know that menstrual cramps can be extremely painful, but a cup of valerian root tea has anti-spasmodic and sedative qualities, meaning that it can easily eliminate those symptoms and provide relief during menstruation. It can also soothe the mood and rebalance hormones that may be causing irritability or anxiety during your period.

Mental Boost

Many people take valerian supplements as brain boosters, but a cup of this beneficial tea can have many of the same effects. Research has shown that valerian root tea can increase focus, memory, retention and neural activity! 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)